Galaxy Crystal Globe

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Add a stellar piece of ornament to your living space with this Miniature Galaxy Crystal Ball! Does your home have a contemporary interior design, but lack ornamental pieces? This timeless model of the Milky Way galaxy offers a mind-boggling aesthetic that will accent the background colors in your room. Revel in complete wonder at the beauty of the universe frozen inside a glass sphere – a contemporary art piece that transcends the norm of interior architecture.


Whether you are going for a look that is contemporary, chinoiserie, mid-century modern, modern, postmodern, scandinavian, or southern, this galactic centerpiece will blend tastefully well. The neutrality of the transparent crystal globe speaks to your senses because it hints at a subtle luxurious vibe that is sure to revamp the inside of your house. The stunning, elaborate replica of a galaxy draws the attention of both home-dwellers and guests alike. Give yourself the pleasure of living in a space that identifies with your cultured and artistic tastes.




This Miniature Galaxy Crystal Ball is a perfect decorative piece for astronomy followers and space enthusiasts. Made with intricately detailed 3D laser engraving, this portrayal of a galaxy can make you feel awe when viewing illustrations of how large it is, even though the human mind still cannot actually grasp its enormity. Spruce up your personal living space, this lovely interior decor fits well in any minimalist or vintage setting. Play a little with lighting on the globe and you’ll see the galaxy come to life.



  • 3D LASER ENGRAVED GALAXY: The stunning, superbly detailed portrayal of the galaxy makes you want to stare at it in amazement.
  • BEAUTIFUL QUARTZ CRYSTAL SPHERE: Exceptional naturally occuring crystal is the perfect material to house the main piece.
  • LUXURIOUS GLASS OR METAL BASE: Makes it infinitely more appealing as home decoration.



Our Miniature 6 CM Galaxy Crystal Ball is made with the most durable and certified safe materials. The glass sphere is made of high-purity quartz crystal material, making it durable to use and beautiful to look at.


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