Bubble Blaster Gun for Kids

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Your child will love blasting streams of beautiful bubbles with this entertaining bubble gun!

This easy-to-operate toy gun can crank out thousands of bubbles in a matter of minutes, delighting children of any age. Simply pour a small amount of the included bubble liquid into the included tray, dip the end of the gun in the solution, then pull the trigger and watch in amazement as a continuous stream of bubbles shoots from the gun!

Not only are bubbles entertaining for children, they’re also educational! Bubble blowing naturally engages a child’s curious nature, encourages them to ask questions, and lets them play with purpose. By using this entertaining bubble gun, your child will let fun and excitement guide them as they learn. Encourage your child to chase and catch the bubbles for an activity that improves their gross and fine motor skills.

Product Features

  • Perfect for Toddlers and Young Children: This futuristic bubble gun is an engaging gift for children of all ages. With 8 bubble-making holes, your child can create billions of bubbles in no time! And your order will arrive with everything you need—bubble gun, bubble liquid, and bubble dish!


  • Kid-Friendly Design: Crafted from strong and durable plastic, this bubble gun can withstand years of wear and tear. Easy to hold and use, this imaginative toy will keep children entertained for hours!


  • Battery Operated: This gun runs on 2-AA and 1-AAA batteries (not included). Simply remove the plate, insert the batteries, and your child is ready to blow bubbles and make memories.


  • Bubble Solution Included: Each bubble gun comes with a generously sized bottle of bubble solution that produces beautiful, long-lasting bubbles.


  • Dimensions: Gun measures 200mm L x 90mm H
  • Materials: Made of high-quality and durable ABS plastic
  • Colors: Select from Black, Gold,  Purple, Blue, or Pink

Batteries Not included

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