3 in 1 Baby Play Mat

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Give your cute little toddler a way to fully experience the world around him in a fun, exciting, and safe way with this 3 in 1 Baby Play mat with mobile and piano. This play mat features three distinct play areas where your baby can grow, learn, and have fun all at the same time! The mat itself is made of comfortable material so that your precious little toddler can rest comfortably or even nap on it. The mobile features a large variety of grabbable animal themed play pieces. The pieces themselves act as a way for your baby to develop hand eye coordination, sensorimotor skills, and physical endurance. The third feature is the piano attachment which has auditory function for your baby’s brain development in recognizing distinct sounds.




The play set has three distinct features that all aid in your baby’s development whilst being a fun play place for your child. The most noticeable skill your baby will develop is his or her ability to grasp onto objects. The mobile helps in grip strength to aid in your baby’s physical development. The variety of colors in the play place also stimulates visual development by exposing your child to the different hues in this world. The auditory function of the piano also helps your child become creative and distinctive when it comes to tunes and sounds. With these features all combined, this set is surely a must have for every maturing toddler.




● CUTE ANIMAL FRIENDS: Provides a fun and whimsical playtime experience with cheerful animal friends.

● ALL-AROUND STIMULATION FOR PROPER DEVELOPMENT: Includes toys for hearing stimulation, visual and color identification, and touch cues.

● SUPER COMFORT AND CARE: The rug has a soft and tender feel that will safeguard your baby from the cold and solid flooring.




● Size: 75 cm x 63 cm x 45 cm




● 1 x Baby Play Mat Puzzle



Our child-proof Baby Play Mat Puzzle is made with safe and non-toxic materials. Created with your baby’s well-being in mind, accepting nothing less than premium quality and the best materials available in the market.




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