Food Tray Storage Container

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You can now preserve your food with the modern creative kitchen storage tray which is perfect for keeping your food fresh for a long time. It features a elastic film which is adopted to resist pressure and puncture impact. This healthy food storage container set features a creative buckle design which makes it easy to use, it firmly locks food and also prevent overflow. The storage microwave cover is indeed suitable for home life camping, party, etc.

This food preservation tools ensures environmental protection, anti-pollution, as well as convenient cleaning. This vital kitchen ware is reusable and suitable for refrigerating in cabinets, small refrigerators, and other facilities. It is made from high quality materials with a certain degree of penetration and compression to achieve a perfect seal of food.

DESIGN: This food preservation tools features an ergonomic design and a buckle which is designed to make food easy to seal. It is vital for keeping food, fruits, vegetables and leftovers fresh for a long time. To use; place the food on the tray and close the lid.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This food storage device is environmentally friendly, anti-pollution, and easy to clean. It can be reused so as to protect the environment and entire health of the family.

SPACE: This preservation device features multiple coverage; it saves space and more convenient to use. It features a super-strong film mold which is sealed around the food.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: This food preservation tools is made from high-quality materials which can resist penetration and compression. This ensures perfect sealing of food; our food storage device can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures and can therefore be heated or cooled.

APPLICATION: These modern food storage tools is suitable for refrigeration in cabinets, small refrigerators and other facilities. This is indeed a food storage device which provides an easy way to keep slices of meat and cheese fresh all day long.


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