Portable USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser

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USB 200ml Car Humidifier with 7 Light LED Display

  • Improve the Quality of the Air: Our cool mist humidifier cleans the air and releases more oxygen into your car environment. Within a few uses, this high-tech humidifier improves the musty smell of your automotive interior by sterilizing the air and removing unappealing odors like cigarette smoke.


  • Compact Size: The small size of this humidifier makes it perfectly portable and the right size for use in the car during quick commutes or long business trips. Humidifier measures 13.5 x 6cm.


  • Whisper Quiet Motor: Enjoy using your humidifier while you drive as the whisper quiet motor makes very little sound, allowing you to listen to the radio or make phone calls.

Our high-tech humidifier is the tool you never knew you needed but won’t be able to live without once you give it a try!

Revolutionary technology performs nano atomization as microscopic water molecules are incorporated into the air inside your car, allowing moisture to be easily absorbed by your skin. The generous capacity holds 200ml of distilled water, and the powerful chargeable battery means this humidifier can run for up to 9 hours at a time. Once empty, the unit will automatically power down.

Ultrasonic operation means this product produces maximum humidified air without making much noise, allowing you to enjoy your car ride in peace and quiet or make phone calls while the humidifier is in use. Soothing LED lights let you choose from 7 lighting options.

Our humidifier’s small size fits perfectly into any car cup holder, and the unit may be charged using the included USB charging cord. With each order you will receive, the humidifier, charging cable, sponge stick, and instruction manual.

Regular use of our car humidifier means you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed and invigorated with dewy-fresh skin