WiFi Portable Baby Monitor

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Parents become obsessed with their baby’s health and welfare. It’s only natural. It’s the instinct of every parent to look after their offspring. As a parent, you want to be on the lookout for your baby while sleeping without being closely watched. If only there was a technology that would allow you to listen and even see your child while you are in another place in the house, or monitor your child from your computer while you are at your workplace, or even from your cell phone... That would definitely ease your anxiety about your baby’s current status as you rest. Well, the good news is: there is!


Our modern, top-of-the-line Baby Monitor has an amazing 720p video quality and night vision so that you can watch your baby at night so that you can see what your child is doing. It has an amazing playback feature – with a micro SD card installed you're able to playback video up to 10 days depending on your memory storage size. If you wake up the next morning and your baby is really fussy and you're curious how they slept the night before, you can go back and see how well they slept. It has a two-way audio feature in the front side of the camera – there's both the speaker and a microphone where you can communicate with your child without entering their room using the app. This camera rotates up to 355° left to right, and 120° up and down, so you can check around the room in any angle you want. Get the Smart Baby Monitor for your home and ensure the safety of your baby!


● DIGITAL HD POWERFUL LENS: The camera has a wider field of view that provide better picture quality and delicate

colors in high-definition 720p. Features intelligent infrared night vision that allows you to see the room clearly in darkness.

● CONTINUOUS RECORDING FOR OFFLINE MODE: It’s really handy if you need to check what your baby has done for the past few days in case he or she gets sick. The footage will automatically save in the micro SD storage.

● SMART WIFI ACCESS AND MULTI-USER VIEWING: Access the real time video of your child from anywhere in the world through online viewing. You can also share the video with other family members if they want to see the baby.


● Supports remote phone monitoring and voice intercom

● Supports both WIFI connection and wired connection

● Supports TF card to record video

● Supports IR night vision

● Supports remote viewing for Android, iOS, phone, tablet, and PC

● Supports P2P cloud service for remote monitoring

● Supports taking photo, audio, and video recording

● Supports dynamic IP address and static IP address

● Supports IR motion detection 


● 1 x HD Mini IP Camera

● 1 x Charger

● 1 x Data Cable

● 1 x Bracket

● 2 x Screw set

● 1 x User Manual